Accident Replacement Rental Vehicles

ROVE Rentals - leaders in providing Accident Replacement Rental Vehicles

*If your vehicle is damaged in an accident and you are not at fault, you are entitled to a replacement vehicle whilst yours is off the road. This may be at no cost to you!  T&C apply.

*If you have Rental Vehicle Benefit as part of your policy we can help you with a vehicle from ROVE.

If neither of these situations apply, we can still help you with a vehicle at preferential rates!

ROVE Rentals… we keep you mobile while your vehicle is off the road.

We have developed a simple 4 step process to keep you ROVING!

Record the details of the accident – Photos are helpful!:

  • Details of vehicles involved
  • Details of drivers involved – Driver’s License, contact details and insurance details
  • Details of the accident scene
  • Witness contact information

Contact ROVE Rentals
Call 04 560 4755
There is a vetting process we follow and a free rental vehicle is not guaranteed if we do not have sufficient information. The more evidence provided the better.
T&C Apply. These will be outlined to you when you contact us.

Getting you back on the road
We have a wide variety of late model vehicles. Our range includes small hatches, sedans, SUVs, 7-Seaters and a diverse range of cargo vans, mini-buses and trucks. ROVE will deliver your Accident Replacement Rental Vehicle to you. If you need to extend your rental – no problem! Repairs are taking longer these days so if your vehicle ends up being off the road for a more time than planned, we will simply extend the rental term.

Repairs Complete
When your vehicle is fully repaired and back on the road you can either leave your ROVE Rental vehicle with the panel shop and we will collect it, or you can return it to ROVE HQ (100 Hutt Road, Petone).

For approved not-at-fault replacement vehicles, we can invoice the at-fault insurance company directly.

ROVE have a full range of Accident Replacement Rental Vehicles:

CAR Small or Medium | Automatic

Utes/Mini-buses Automatic

SUV/8-seater Large | Automatic

Cargo/Passenger Vans Automatic | Manual

Cars, Passenger vans, Cargo Vans, Electric Vehicles, Disability Vehicles.

Rent in Half-Day Blocks

Whether you’re doing a quick house move and need a safe van for half a day, or your business needs a reliable long-term addition to your fleet, we’ll make it happen.

Manual Transmission

All of our vans are 6-speed manuals for better fuel efficiency and reliability. It also makes negotiating Wellington’s notoriously tricky streets easier!

Quality Vehicles

When you rent with ROVE, you can be confident that you’re not getting an old dog. All of our vehicles are modern, safe, reliable, comfortable, and economical to run.

24-Hour Support

You’re always covered with 24-hour support through AA Roadside assistance. But with our modern fleet, there’s not much that can go wrong!

Local Vehicle Rental Specialists

We understand the needs of businesses and people who call Wellington home. Our easy to access and central location in Petone makes your pick up and drop off quick and convenient.

Rental Packages

Moving house and need the gear to secure your items, or even a spare driver? We can help!

*T&C Apply

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