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Accident Replacement Vehicles

Remember… ask your insurer for a Rental Car Benefit – that way if your vehicle is off the road you may be entitled to a free accident replacement vehicle.

ROVE have developed a simple 4-step process to help you keep on roving!

When filling in your accident claim form, be sure to ask the insurer if you have the RENTAL CAR BENEFIT included as part of your policy schedule.

Let your insurance company know you wish to use the “ROVE RENTALS Accident Replacement Vehicle Program” to supply your rental vehicle with insurance specific pricing. We can provide Cargo Vans, Passenger Vans, Cars, Electric Vehicles and Disability Vehicles.

Depending on your insurance company, you may have to pay the rental costs up front and claim the costs back after your vehicle repairs are complete. We will supply you with a correct invoice and other information needed for a swift cost reimbursement.

Your insurance company may require us to invoice them directly and we can take care of that.

We can supply you a ROVE rental vehicle for the term of your repairs at the same discounted rate we charge insurance companies, to ensure you are completely mobile without breaking the bank.+ Conditions apply.

+ We require proof of an insurance claim number for the discounted insurance pricing to apply.

ROVE… Your Accident Replacement Vehicle Specialists.  We’re local, we’re different.

You can reserve your ROVE RENTALS vehicle for the same day as your repair booking and we will meet you at the Panel shop of your choice. We can provide Cars, Cargo Vans, Passenger Vans, Disability Vehicles or Electric Vehicles.

To reserve your vehicle online, visit roverentals.co.nz to use our simple booking system and the coupon code CRASH.

OR you can give one of our friendly staff a call on 04-5604755 and we can take care of the booking details for you over the phone. If your car is not safe to be driven or is not drivable due to accident damage we can deliver a ROVE RENTAL vehicle to your home or work.* Conditions apply.

* You must have the insurance claim filed and approved with a claim number BEFORE we can deliver your ROVE RENTAL to you, and to confirm the INSURANCE specific pricing.

ROVE… Your Insurance Rental Replacement Specialists.  We’re local, we’re different.

Repairs are taking longer than expected now due to parts shortages, transport delays and more complicated vehicles. These are often unknown when the vehicle is first assessed and can result in unrealised delays getting your vehicle back on the road. As part of the ROVE RENTALS Insurance Rental Replacement program, we factor in a rental duration flexibility window to every booking to ensure you will have a vehicle for as long as you need it. We will follow up with your panel shop to help manage the handover when complete.

ROVE… Your Insurance Rental Replacement Specialists.  We’re local, we’re different.

When your repairs are complete, you can drop off the ROVE RENTAL replacement vehicle to your panel shop when you pick up your freshly repaired vehicle. We will collect it from them. Any billing will need to be finalised with your insurer before we close your rental contract.

Please also make sure you return your ROVE RENTAL with a FULL tank of fuel to avoid additional charges.

ROVE… Your Insurance Rental Replacement Specialists.  We’re local, we’re different.

Cars, Passenger vans, Cargo Vans, Electric Vehicles, Disability Vehicles.

Rent in Half-Day Blocks

Whether you’re doing a quick house move and need a safe van for half a day, or your business needs a reliable long-term addition to your fleet, we’ll make it happen.

Manual Transmission

All of our vans are 6-speed manuals for better fuel efficiency and reliability. It also makes negotiating Wellington’s notoriously tricky streets easier!

Quality Vehicles

When you rent with ROVE, you can be confident that you’re not getting an old dog. All of our vehicles are modern, safe, reliable, comfortable, and economical to run.

24-Hour Support

You’re always covered with 24-hour support through AA Roadside assistance. But with our modern fleet, there’s not much that can go wrong!

Local Vehicle Rental Specialists

We understand the needs of businesses and people who call Wellington home. Our easy to access and central location in Petone makes your pick up and drop off quick and convenient.

Rental Packages

Moving house and need the gear to secure your items, or even a spare driver? We can help!

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